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Fields of Research and Contribution

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Arts & Expression - includes contributions in visual arts, performance arts, literature

Education - includes educators, researchers, organizations, administrators

Science - includes researchers and innovators in technology and business

History - includes storytellers and nation builders, historical references

People - includes individuals recognized for their contributions to Asian Canadian society

Sports - includes athletes, Olympians, hockey players and wrestlers

Arts & Expression

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Collection Article Region Keywords
Alfred Ng East Asian Visual Art
Alice Ho East Asian Music
Alvin Tolentino Southeast Asian Dance
Amy Wong East Asian Visual Art
Ann Shin East Asian Film
Ariel Balevi South Asian Storytelling
CanAsian Dance All Asian Dance
Chan Hon Goh East Asian Dance
Chan Ka Nin East Asian Music
Cheuk Kwan East Asian Film
Chi Ping Dance East Asian Dance
Chinese Book Reviews East Asian Literature
Chinese Pen Society East Asian Literature
Christine Mari Yoshikawa East Asian Music
David Huynh East Asian Film
Denise Fujiwara East Asian Dance
Devraj Patnaik South Asian Dance
Doris Ha-Lin Sung East Asian Visual Art
Dunhuang Chamber Ensemble East Asian Music
Eliora Patnaik South Asian Dance
fu-GEN All Asian Dance
Gamelan Instrument South Asian Music
Ganesh Anandan South Asian Music
Gauri Guha South Asian Music
Gerard Choy Southeast Asian Visual Art
Giri Kedaton Ensemble Southeast Asian Music
Harvey Chan East Asian Visual Art
Hasheel Lodhia South Asian Music
Henry Ho East Asian Visual Art
Hong Luck Kung Fu East Asian Dance
Jaya Kitchlu South Asian Media
Jeng Yi East Asian Music
JoSH South Asian Music
Julian Samuel South Asian Film
Juri Hiraoka East Asian Dance
Kai Chan East Asian Visual Art
Kalasri Patnaik South Asian Dance
Karilagan Dance Society Southeast Asian Dance
Kate Stevens East Asian Literature
Keiichi Hirano East Asian Dance
Kenneth Cheng East Asian Photography
Kevin Samuel Yee East Asian Theatre
Khosro Berahmandi South Asian Visual Art
Kiran Ahluwalia South Asian Music
Kiran Ambwani South Asian Photography
Kiran Morarji South Asian Music
Kwon Soojung East Asian Dance
Lata Pada South Asian Dance
Lee Pui Ming East Asian Music
Lien Chao East Asian Literature
Linda Saphan Southeast Asian Visual Art
Little Empire Story South Asian Storytelling
Little Empire All Asian Music
Louise Noguchi East Asian Theatre
Lucille Chung East Asian Music
Lynne Kutsukake East Asian Literature
Manuel Lau East Asian Visual Art
Marjorie Chan East Asian Theatre
Menaka Thakkar South Asian Dance
Minna Re Shin East Asian Music
Nanda Kandasamy South Asian Visual Art
Narendra Datar South Asian Music
Natasha Bakht South Asian Dance
Noriko Yamamoto East Asian Dance
Oliver Au-Yeung East Asian Photography
Osric Chau East Asian Film
Pelin Yazar Canez Western Asian Visual Art
Peter Chin East Asian Dance
Raging Asian Women East Asian Dance
Rod Dioso Southeast Asian Visual Art
Ron Korb East Asian Music
Ruth Ohi East Asian Visual Art
Sandra Oh East Asian Film
Shahin Parhami South Asian Film
Shamsi Shahrokhi South Asian Visual Art
Shelly Bahl South Asian Visual Art
Shizuye Takashima East Asian Visual Art
Steph Song East Asian Media
Stephen Siu East Asian Photography
Suraj Sadan South Asian Photography
Tam Kam Chiu East Asian Photography
Tanya Kim
East Asian Media
Tetsuro Shigematsu East Asian Media
The Bilz & Kashif All Asian Music
Tushar Unadkat South Asian Editorials & Essays
Wei Chen East Asian Dance
Xiao Nan Yu East Asian Dance
Yadong Guan East Asian Music
Yiannis Kapoulas South Asian Music
Ying Yueh Chuang East Asian Visual Art
Yueheng Duan East Asian Photography
Yung Chang East Asian Film
Yvonne Ng Southeast Asian Dance
Zameer South Asian Music


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Collection Article Region Keywords
Abdul Qaiyum Lodhi South Asian Education
Anthony B. Chan East Asian Film
Bernice Gei-Ying Hune East Asian Storytelling
David Keane All Asian Music
Emigration All Asian Editorials & Essays
Indu Varma South Asian Education
Jeyaratnam Wilson South Asian Education
Lap-Chee Tsui East Asian Education
Larry N. Shyu East Asian Education
Lily Chow East Asian Education
Links and Resources Index All Asian Index
Prakash Joshi South Asian Education
Sathya Sai School All Asian Asian Heritage
Tejal Shah South Asian Education
Wendy Jang East Asian Education


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Collection Article Region Keywords
David Suzuki East Asian Science
Dilip Senn South Asian Science
Gulshan Rai Saini South Asian Science
Moises D. Cabatu Southeast Asian Science
Stephen Siauw East Asian Science
Verinder N. Khanna South Asian Science


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Collection Article Region Keywords
Bata Shoe Collection All Asian Asian Heritage
Chinatown Victoria BC East Asian Editorials & Essays
Chinese History in Canada East Asian Education
Chinese Monument Project East Asian Education
Cultural History Education All Asian Index
General History All Asian Asian Heritage
James Chong All Asian Editorials & Essays
James Endicott East Asian Profiles
Japanese Canadian Redress Settlement East Asian Politics & Law
Laquians Southeast Asian Editorials & Essays
Ambedkar Statue Unveiling Ceremony at York University South Asian Politics & Law
Zulfikarali Kassamali South Asian Editorials & Essays


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Collection Article Region Keywords
Adreinne Clarkson East Asian Politics & Law
Ambedkar Statue Unveiling Ceremony at York University South Asian Politics & Law
Aga Khan Museum All Asian Museums
Asha-Aditii Ruparelia South Asian Business
Asian Heritage Month Photos All Asian Asian Heritage
Bata Shoe Museum All Asian Museum
Betty Lee East Asian Business
Canadian Foundation for Chinese Heritage East Asian Advocacy
Canadians of Pakistani Origin South Asian Advocacy
Chinese Canadian Legends Award East Asian Asian Heritage
Education Roundtable 2009 All Asian Asian Heritage
Events Index All Asian Index
Fables & Storytelling Index All Asian Storytelling
Festival Accès Asie All Asian Events
Festival Chinese New Year East Asian Events
Festival Peace Tree All Asian Events
Fish Skin Clothing Collection East Asian Museum
Flowers and VMACCH All Asian Asian Heritage
Gardiner Ceramic Museum All Asian Museum
Haroon Siddiqui All Asian Editorials & Essays
History of Asian Heritage Month All Asian Asian Heritage
Indonesian Cultural Centre Southeast Asian Advocacy
Jay Goulding All Asian Education
Jay Jitrendra Mathur South Asian Business
Jean B Lumb East Asian Entrepreneurship
Kampong Ku Radio Southeast Asian Media
Meeta Sharma South Asian Events
Messages Index All Asian Index
Mongolian Footwear Collection East Asian Museum
Museums Index All Asian Index
Neville Poy East Asian Profiles
Norman Kwong East Asian Politics & Law
Phillipine Advocacy Southeast Asian Asian Heritage
Rabis Khedr South Asian Editorials & Essays
Rita Jethi South Asian Profile
Vivienne Poy East Asian Politics & Law
Shah School All Asian Asian Heritage
Social History All Asian Asian Heritage
Soo Han Yoon East Asian Editorials & Essays
Textile Museum All Asian Museums
The Chung Collection East Asian Museum
United Indonesian Canadian Society Southeast Asian Advocacy
Vivienne Poy All Asian Editorials & Essays
Welcome Message from V. Poy All Asian Editorials & Essays
Who is Asian? All Asian Asian Heritage


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Collection Article Region Keywords
Patrick Chan East AsianSports Olympic Games | Figure Skating
Avianna Chao East AsianSportsOlympic Games | Shooting
Carol Huynh South East AsianSports Olympic Games | Wrestling
Gail Kim East AsianSports Professional Wrestling
Devin Setoguchi East AsianSportsDEL Hockey Player
Eugene Wang East AsianSports Olympic Games | Table Tennis
Brandon Yip East Asian SportsKontinental Hockey League Player


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