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Films by Title, Country of Origin, Year, and Genre

*Note that the Country of Origin of the Filmmaker is listed in order to distinguish between Asian Canadian filmmakers, and works of international origin that have been featured in Asian Canadian film festivals.


Action Fantasy Music Video
Animation Fiction Narrative
Avant-garde Film Installation Queer
Biography Found Footage Romance
Cinematic Poem Horror Short Film
Comedy Inter-Arts Silent Film
Crime Live Action Uncategorized
Documentary Live Performance Video Art
Drama Making Of Video Document
Dramedy Mixed Media Western
Experimental Musical  


Action Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Drinking Games Syria
Hing Dai And the Man (see also Drama) USA
Little Phoenix and the Fists of Fury Canada
Little Phoenix and the Reign of Fists Canada
The Manila Marauder (see also Comedy) Philippines
The Masked Saint Canada
Shaolin Sisters Canada
Unrivaled Canada
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Animation Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
100 Butches #9: Ruby USA
A Long Distance Call China
Agent X: Report Canada
Aguas de Março Japan
AMF'S Tiresias Japan
The Art of Seduction: Mood (My Obscure Object of Desire) Canada
Asthma Tech Canada
Avocado Vegetarian Turtle Germany
Blossom Canada
Cats Canada
Child and the Firefly Pakistan
The Chinese Violin China
Chocolate is an Indian Word Germany
Crash Skid Love Malaysian Borneo
Double Concerto Canada
Father and Son China
Gluttony Japan
Great Expectations (Not What You're Thinking...) Japan
Haiku Japan
The Horror of Kindergarten Canada
Hysterical: The Musical Japan
Ice Ages Canada
I Love My Work Japan
I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors Japan
I Won! (DNTO and Sook-Yin Lee get animated!) Japan
The Hawker Canada
Kip and Kyle Canada
Jamie Lo, Small and Shy Canada
Landslide Japan
Lip Service: A Mystery (see also Live Action) Japan
M.O.O.D. (My Obscure Object of Desire) Japan
Madame Zhang's Dream China
My Boyfriend Gave Me Peaches Japan
My Place Japan
Notebook on Lightning Bolts & Turntables Malaysian Borneo
Ode to a Post-it Note Canada
Pan Tian Shou China
Room 710 Japan
Running (Heart, Body, Mind, Spirit) Japan
Shuet Yang: A Story of My Mother Canada
Sherry, Like The Drink Canada
So Far So… Canada
Shiro Yagi Canada
Wallflower Germany
The Weatherman and the Shadowboxer Canada
What are you Anyway? Canada
Window Horses (Karaoke Project) Japan
Yellow Sticky Notes Canada
Yellow Sticky Notes | Canadian Anijam Canada
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Avant-garde Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
A Performance by Jack Smith Canada
The Basement Girl USA
The Bird that Chirped on Bathurst Canada
Dead Zone Canada
Displaced View (see also Documentary, Fiction) Canada
I Have No Memory of My Direction (see also Fiction) Canada
Idiot's Delight Canada
Made in Japan Canada
The New Man Japan
Skin Deep Canada
Some Was Never Like This Canada
Ten Cents a Dance (Parallax) Canada
Ville-quelle ville? Canada
Waving (see also Documentary) Japan
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Biographical Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Automatic Writing Japan
Post Concussion (semi Auto-Biographical) USA
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Cinematic Poem

Cinematic Poem Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Lahoot لاهوت Iran
Nasoot ناسوت Iran
Raga Malkauns Iran
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Comedy Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Aporia Syria
The Art of Woo (also see Romance) South Korea
BBQ Muslims England
Cart USA
Click Canada
Coopers' Camera (Christmas) Canada
Daypass Canada
Death Threat England
Fred's Burqa England
The Goddess Method Canada
The Goddess of 1967 (see also Drama, Romance) Australia
Green Tea Ice Cream (see also Drama) Canada
Ham & Cheese Canada
Hip Hop Mom Hong Kong
Hot Sauce Syria
I Saw You Hong Kong
Le Boucher (see also Drama) Syria
Logic Problems Philippines
Love $ Greed Syria
Made in Hong Kong (see also Drama, Crime) Canada
The Manila Marauder (see also Action) Philippines
The Perfumer Syria
Prix Fixe Canada
The Puck Hogs Canada
Rattan (see also Horror) Canada
Samurai Swing (see also Romance) Canada
Silent Men Syria
Slow Burn (see also Western) Canada
So Called Friends (see also Drama) Taiwan
Star Trek Disco Generation Canada
Star Trek Generation Spice Canada
Super Power Monster Tentacle Club Philippines
Swearnet Canada
Textuality Canada
To The Teeth Canada
Urge Canada
Wild Goose Daddy Canada
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Crime Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
The Hitchhiker Project Vietnam
Life Tastes Good (see also Drama) USA
Made in Hong Kong (see also Drama, Comedy) China
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Documentary Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
A Transsexual Journey: Katherine Elizabeth Cohen Iran
A Warrior's Religion Canada
A Winter Song (Une Chanson D'Hiver) Canada
A Woman's Story Pakistan
Access Denied India
Amin Iran
Amnesia نسیان Iran
Asiansploitation Canada
Badge of Pride South Korea
Beat Truths: A Portrait of Graeme Kirkland Canada
Between: Living in the Hyphen Canada
The Big Wait Canada
Bolo! Bolo! Germany
Bones Canada
Burning Bridges India
Call Me A Paki Canada
Cazella de la Sierra Syria
Chairman George Canada
Children of War India
Circles Canada
Continuous Journey India
Count Us In: A Documentary on Inclusion Syria
Crossing Borders Canada
Cultural Anthropology, National Identity through Ukrainian Dance Vietnam
Daddy Tran: A life in 3-D Canada
David Cronenberg - Artist's Profile Canada
The Decrepit Canada
Dishonour Defied Pakistan
Disoriental Canada
Displaced View (see also Avant-garde, Fiction) Canada
Documenting Dissent India
Doh! Oh Dear, A Female Tear (see also Experimental) Canada
Domino Canada
Downside Up Syria
EastVan 'John' Canada
Echoes Guyana
El Contrato South Korea
Everybody's Children Canada
Everything Will Be Canada
Exposure Guyana
Faces چهره ها Iran
Film Club India
First Person Plural USA
Five Aunties Canada
Five Section Aesthetic on Persuasion Canada
Footsteps Into Gangland Canada
The Frog Princes Pakistan
Frogs in Love: The Making of Frauds in Love Syria
General Idea - Artist Profile Canada
Heartbreak Hoteru Canada
Hogtown: The Politics of Policing South Korea
Home Malaysia
The Home Promised Canada
Homestay Canada
How to Make Kimchi: According to my Kun Umma Canada
Howard Canada
Isamu Noquichi: Stones and Paper USA
In Search of my Chinese Girlfriend Canada
It's Me Again Japan
Jabaroot جبروت Iran
Jook Sing Canada
Just Beyond Hope Canada
Kelly Loves Tony USA
Kolam (Pool) Malaysian Borneo
Let's Talk About It India
The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam Japan
Manufactured Landscapes Canada
Marker Canada
Me and the Mosque England
Me, Mom and Mona Hong Kong
Mind Fuck Singapore
Minor Keys: Ordinary Children, Extraordinary Talent Canada
Mixed Match Canada
Mom, Madonna & Me Pakistan
My Father, Francis Canada
My Toxic Baby South Korea
Narmada, A Valley Rises India
New Shoes, An Interview in Exactly 5 Minutes Japan
New View, New Eyes Germany
No Contract Canada
Northern Choice Syria
Ohm-Ma Canada
One Big Hapa Family Canada
One Hundred Eggs a Minute USA
Painted Nation India
Partial Selves South Korea
Partita China
Passage From India India
Pioneers of X-Ray Technology: A Film about Grandpa Japan
Point of Return Canada
The Real Inglorious Bastards South Korea
The Real M.A.S.H. South Korea
Remembrance of Things Present India
Rex vs. Singh India
Runaway Grooms India
Screen Test Canada
The Search for Evangeline Syria
Season of the Boys Canada
Seven Hours to Burn Canada
Shao Ping the Acrobat India
Shepherds Pie and Sushi Canada
Shooting Indians: A Journey with Jeffrey Thomas India
The Sikhs Canada
Sleeping Tigers Canada
Solo Pakistan
Some Kind of Arrangement India
Spankin' (see also Experimental) Singapore
Stolen Memories Singapore
Tapestry Pakistan
Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam Canada
Ten Little Dumplings Canada
Then/Now Canada
Them Shoes Weren't Made for Walking Canada
Tiger Spirit South Korea
Tokusen: Japan's Secret Arsenal Malaysia
Too Colourful for the League Canada
Travelling Light India
The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia Canada
Trying to Keep Concentrate Canada
Under the Willow Tree: Pioneer Chinese Women in Canada Canada
Underground Canada
Untag Taiwan Canada
Unveiling the Abuse Pakistan
Unwanted Soldiers Canada
Venga! Canada
Vietnam, 1997 Vietnam
The View In Passing Canada
Voice of Our Own India
WAJD: Music, Politics & Ecstasy Syria
Waving (see also Avant-garde) Japan
Williamsburg Experiment India
Words of a Generation - China China
Words of a Generation - Indonesia China
Words of a Generation - Malaysia China
Words of a Generation - Singapore China
Words of a Generation - Vietnam China
Yang-Xun the Peasant Painter India
Yin Yin/Jade Love Canada
You Take Care Now (see also Experimental) Japan
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Drama Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
15 Ugly Sisters Syria
30 Day Promise China
A Dragged Out Affair: The Musical Canada
A Midsummer's Wake Syria
A Quiet Day in Belfast Canada
About July Taiwan
Al Fat7a Canada
Aliendog: Life as it is Syria
Almost Paradise Syria
And The Sun Canada
Apricots (Mish Mush) Syria
As It Is Becoming Canada
Asian Boyfriend Canada
Automatic Writing (see also Short) Canada
Beyond These Walls Canada
Beyond/Body/Memory India
Bindi Canada
Blending Milk and Water: Sex in the New World Canada
Blu In You Guyana
Bullfight Canada
Car Crash Canada
Casual Tea Canada
Chasmic Dance Japan
Chinese Chocolate China
Come and Go Canada
The Comfort Window Canada
The Compact Canada
Confessions of an Asian Tourist Canada
Crack Me Up Syria
Crickets South Korea
Dalmatian Tie Canada
Dan Carter Canada
Dana Vietnam
Davie Street Blues Canada
The Day A Pig Fell Into The Well Korea
Days of Blinding Fear Canada
Diamondback Canada
Dog Eat Dog Canada
Domino Canada
Drive, She Said Hong Kong
Easter Parade Canada
Emily Hates Dogs! Vietnam
Eve and the Fire Horse Canada
Evixion Syria
Faded Rainbow Canada/Hong Kong
Falling for Caroline Canada
Flowers in the Attic Canada
Freshmen USA
Gabriel's Trip Syria
Girlfriends Canada
The Goddess of 1967 (see also Comedy, Romance) Australia
Green Tea Ice Cream (see also Comedy) Canada
Hazardous India
Hing Dai And the Man (see also Action) USA
Home Malaysia
The House Malaysia
Hundred Percent USA
Julia Has Two Lovers Syria
Karaoke Malaysian Borneo
The Kiss Syria
La mule et les émeraudes Syria
Lana in Love Syria
The Last Chapter Syria
Le Boucher (see also Comedy) Syria
Life Tastes Good (see also Crime) USA
LoLo's Child (see also Musical) Canada
The Longest Summer China
Love Story USA
Made in Hong Kong (see also Crime, Comedy) China
Memoirs Syria
Mokhtar Switzerland
Motel Cactus Korea
The Offering Hong Kong
The Offspring (see also Romance) Canada
OR'D'UR Syria
Panic Syria
The Power of Kangwon Province Korea
Prey South Korea
Random Check England
Ride Me Syria
Seduction Syria
Shopping For Fangs Canada
Smile Canada
So Called Friends (see also Comedy) Taiwan
Standard Deviation Canada
Strawberries and Wine Syria
Strictly Spanking Canada
Sugar Sweet Malaysia
Taxi to L.A. Canada
Telefunk8 Canada
Three Sisters on Moon Lake Canada
Transmission Canada
Waack Revolt - A Dance Film Canada
The Wedding Murders Syria
You're Dead After School Canada
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Dramedy Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Flipping USA
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Experimental Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
57 Day Promise USA
57 Ways Pakistan
5x90: The Wake Canada
All That Rises Japan
Ancestries Singapore
Block B Malaysian Borneo
Bodies of Water Canada
Broken Angel (Gebrochengel) Singapore
Chasmic Dance Japan
Chiasmus Japan
Child-Play Guyana
Delilah Jukebox Singapore
Erotic Exotic Pakistan
Every Time Unique, the End of the World Japan
Fish in a Barrel Canada
Floored By Love Malaysia
Fly Canada
The Food Trilogy Canada
From Alex To Alex Canada
Gabriel's Trip Syria
Gaysian Canada
The Gift India
GOM Canada
The Haj Singapore
Hannah Canada
The Hawker Canada
Il Momento LV Canada
In Queer Corners Pakistan
In Transit Canada
Inflamed Canada
Jumping at Shadows USA
Spankin' (see also Documentary) Singapore
Doh! Oh Dear, A Female Tear (see also Documentary) Singapore
Last Run USA
Let Me Start By Saying Malaysian Borneo
Ma Chère Amie Canada
Minus Malaysian Borneo
Morning Will Come Iran
Music Might Have Deceived Us Malaysian Borneo
My Niagara South Korea
My Wounded Head Singapore
Never a Foot Too Far, Even Japan
North South Singapore
Paced Singapore
Pioneers of X-Ray Technology: A Film about Grandpa (see also Documentary) Canada
Pleasure Film (Ahmed's Story) Japan
Portrait as a Random Act of Violence Canada
Sally's Beauty Spot South Korea
Shiraz 1340… شیراز ۱۳۴۰ (see also Found Footage, Short) Iran
Slice of Primal Pie Canada
Stille.D Singapore
Tracing Soul Guyana
Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis Japan
Two/Doh Guyana
Two Forms Canada
Undertow South Korea
You Take Care Now (see also Documentary) Japan
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Fantasy Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Encounter a Stranger Pakistan
Merlin and the Book of Beasts Canada
Violent Canada
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Fiction Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Aadan USA
Abusive Father Taiwan
Blue Skies Japan
Bollywood/Hollywood India
Buckingham Palace Japan
Cairo Time Canada
Camilla India
Carriage Hong Kong
Displaced View (see also Documentary, Avant-garde) Canada
Double Happiness Hong Kong
Earth India
Fire India
The French Guy Japan
Heaven on Earth India
The High Cost of Living Canada
The Hill Canada
I Always Come to You Canada
I Have No Memory of My Direction (see also Avant-garde) Canada
Inescapable Canada
Kairos Canada
Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity Hong Kong
Martha, Ruth and Edie India
Midnight's Children India
Red Tulips Canada
The Republic of Love India
Rub & Tug South Korea
Sabah Canada
Sam & Me India
Sky People Canada
Toronto Stories Canada
Tough Bananas Canada
Unsettled Canada
Water India
Yellow USA
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Film Installation

Film Installation Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Home Movies USA
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Found Footage

Found Footage Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Shiraz 1340… Iran
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Horror Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
5ive Girls USA
Boy George Philippines
Draghoula Syria
Murder on Rock Island Syria
Rattan (see also Comedy) Canada
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Inter-Arts Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Éclats nocturnes Iran
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Live Action

Live Action Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Lip Service: A Mystery (see also Animation) Japan
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Live Performance

Live Performance Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Sounds like Kubota USA
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Making Of

Making Of Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
The Making of Indie TV Syria
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Mixed Media Installation

Mixed Media Installation Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Mechanized Labour Pakistan
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Musical Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
LoLo's Child (see also Drama) Canada
The Stork (original title: Clair-obscur) Syria
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Music Video

Music Video Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
One If By Sea, Two If By Sea Canada
Unique Mythology (Poem) Pakistan
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Narrative Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
The Air Cuts USA
All Hong Kong
Burning Down the Dream Canada
Coconut/Cane & Cutlass Guyana
Of Shifting Shadows Iran
Pamphlets Canada
Petals Canada
Phone Come to Jammu Canada
Rock Garden: A Love Story South Korea
The Shelter France
Subrosa South Korea
Thick Lips, Thin Lips Canada
Tuesday Be My Friend Canada
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Queer Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Lakme Takes Flight Canada
My Best Dress Canada
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Romance Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
The Art of Woo (also see Comedy) South Korea
Eastbound Canada
The Goddess of 1967 (see also Drama, Comedy) Canada
Lust in Translation Canada
Marnie Love Canada
The Offspring (see also Drama) Canada
Samurai Swing (see also Comedy) Canada
Sasha & Freddie Canada
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Short Film

Short Film Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
100 Crushes Chapter 6: They Canada
10,000 Delusions Canada
A Cityscape, Without Her Japan
A Piece of Work For Myself Taiwan
A Solitary Silence South Korea
A Waiter Tomorrow USA
After Car Crash Woman Kills Two Canada
AMF'S Tiresias Japan
Amour Impossible Syria
Angel Canada
Asian Pride Porn USA
Baby Korea
Babylon Bridge is Falling Down Canada
Basement Girl Canada
Betsy Syria
Black September Canada
Blue Turning Grey Over You Canada
Boulevard of Broken Sync Malaysia
Boxed Canada
Breakbabies Canada
Bubblehead USA
By This Parting Canada
Canoodle Australia
Cemetary Taiwan
Chinese Food and Donuts USA
Chips USA
Complex Situation USA
Contemplation Canada
Crack of the Halo South Korea
Crickets South Korea
Damascus Nights Canada
Delivery Day Australia
Disposable Lez Malaysia
Do Nothing Canada
Do Wok A Do! Canada
Double Concerto Canada
Do You Like It Here? Australia
Dowsing Korea
Dyke: Just Be it Malaysia
Empty Orchestra Hong Kong
The End of the World Taiwan
Endocrine Canada
Eroticism Malaysia
Except You! USA
Exquisite Corpse Pakistan
Faceless Taiwan
Fighting Grandpa USA
Filter Queen Canada
First Love & Other Pains Canada/China
Flash Vietnam
Fragments du Neant Canada
Girl Meets Boy USA
Girls Night Out Korea
Great Expectations Japan
Hollywood Role Models USA
Home Was Never Like This Canada
How To Be More Chinese Canada
Interstate Love Story Canada
Intrude Sanctuary Taiwan
In Search of the Rising Sun Canada
I Would Suffer Cold Hands For You Canada
Japanese Cowboy USA
Jook Sing Canada
Laila Canada
Life is Elsewhere China
Lifesize USA
Link Korea
Liver and Potato South Korea
Lotus Sisters Canada
Machine with Wishbone Canada
Minor Crime Canada
Mirage Taiwan
Mommy, What's Wrong? USA
More Intimacy Taiwan
Mouse USA
New Reality Australia
No Hop Sing, No Bruce Lee USA
No Milk, But There's Always Coke USA
Nobody Knows Canada
The Offering Canada
One Night in Heaven (East Eng Remix) Canada
Open Letter: Grasp the Bird's Tail Canada
The Past Perfect Taiwan
Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking Peter Canada
Photocopier Hong Kong
The Picnic Korea
Po Mo Knock Knock USA
The Queen's Cantonese Conversational Course, Lesson 1/Lesson 2/Lesson 3 Canada
Refrigerator Korea
Rescue in Chinatown USA
Return to Grace USA
The Ride Home USA
Rumpelzwitter & Bassstilzchen Iran
Running Red Lights Canada
Samurai Swing Canada
Saving Home Australia
Sea In The Blood Canada
Se-Tong (Boy Serpentine) Australia
Search Engine Canada
Season of the Boys Canada/USA
Shadow Play Australia
Shiraz 1340… شیراز ۱۳۴۰ Iran
Shortchanged Hong Kong
Shrivelly Lives USA
Silencio USA
Silhouette USA
Simultaneity Korea
Slightseer Canada
Slow Return Taiwan
Slut Canada
So Far Gone Canada
Some Real Fangs Malaysia
Stanley Beloved China
Subrosa Canada
Suicide Note Korea
Summer Solstice Canada
Surfer Dick Canada
Swell Canada
Telefunk8 Canada
That's the Way the Ball Bounces 세상은 원래 그런거야 Canada
Thirsty Hong Kong
Three Sisters on Moon Lake Canada
Tourist for a Day USA
Untitled Canada
Urge Canada
Video Ritual Korea
Wet Heat Drifts Through the Afternoon Canada
White/Out Australia
Wide Eyed Canada
The Wind Blows Towards Me Particularly Canada
Women Taiwan
Yanari Australia
Yolk USA
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Silent Film

Silent Film Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Seven Days of Menstruation USA
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Genre Unassigned Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
1000 cumshorts USA
1000 cum shots Canada
50/Fifty Canada
60 Unit: Bruise Canada
7 Day Activity Canada
The 8.5 Minute Bi Racial Biogrpahy of Bianca Smith Canada
8th Avenue Canada
A Film Canada
A Girl Named Kai Canada
A Paper Son Canada
The Ache Canada
After the Crescent China
Ali Shan Canada
Amalgamations Canada
And So And So China
The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot Canada
Annie Ong: Lost and Found Canada
Another Western Canada
Around the Corner From Solitude Canada
Asturd Canada
Auditions to be the Next Canadian Canada
Banana Boy Canada
Banana Bruises Canada
The Banquet of the Concubine Canada
Beef Canada
Begin to Begin Canada
Binding Borders Canada
Birds Canada
Birthday Games Canada
Bloodclot Canada
The Books of James Canada
Bridge Passage Canada
Broken Roots Canada
Camera Lucinda China
Catalogue Canada
Chasing Chinese Canada
Chelsea Hotel Room 207 Canada
Chopstick Bloody Chopstick Canada
Chosun Forever Canada
Coming+Going Canada
Comrade Dad Canada
Conceived Canada
Confessions of a Salesman Canada
The Contest Canada
Continuity Problems Canada
Cowgirl USA
Crack Canada
Curse of the Jade Falcon Canada
Dairy Queens Canada
Dalmation Tie Hong Kong
Defeena Canada
Defense Mechanism Canada
Diane Chea Canada
Devious Canada
Do Good Canada
Dovetale Canada
Downtown Eastside Canada
The Dreaming House Canada
Ecliptic of the Night Canada
Fair Trade Canada
Faraway Canada
Farewell Canada
Field Guide to Western Wildflowers Canada
Fish and Chips USA
Floor Kids Canada
Flutter Canada
Found Canada
Free Line Canada
Freight Train Land Singapore
Fufu The Worldweary Japan
The Golden Pin Vietnam
Good Luck Counting Sheep Vietnam
Good Night Sweet Charlatan Canada
Gun Play Canada
Hang in There Canada
Helena: Helen's Journey Through Mexico Canada
Her Canada
High Yellow Lebanon
Hitting Zero Canada
Homage to Les Paul Canada
Homesickness Canada
The Hotel Canada
Hunger Hong Kong
Hungry Kitty Canada
Hurtling Herself Into the Centre Canada
I Pie (A Love Story) Canada
If these Walls Could Talk Canada
In Ten Sity Canada
In the Dark Canada
Innocent Canada
Instead of Saying I Wish Lebanon
Irma Vep Canada
Is It Safe To Come Out Yet? India
Islands Canada
Item Number Canada
Itinerary Canada
Jolly Melancholies Canada
Joung Family Girls Canada
The Journey Vietnam
Just Smile and Nod Canada
Kata Practice Canada
The Kuya Medley Canada
Labo's Last Spin Canada
Lan & Lea Canada
Language of the Maria Canada
Last Year Canada
Left Behind Woman Canada
Letters from Pyongyang Canada
Lims Live in Ottawa Canada
Little Big Horn Canada
Living in Half Tones South Korea
Lonesome Town Canada
Loop Holes Canada
Lose Yourself Canada
Losing to Winning Canada
Loss is Inevitable / January Batch 1999 Canada
Luminous Pollution Canada
May All Your Dreams Come True Canada
Memoire of a Fortune Cookie Factory Canada
The Milkman Canada
Miss Chinatown Canada
Miss Popularity Canada
Miss Toronto Gets A Life China
Mom's Advice Canada
Mouth Canada
Muybride Strings (Les Cordes De Muybridge) Canada
My German Boyfriend Canada
My Grand Canal Canada
My Heart the Travel Agent Canada
My Name Is Tuan Canada
Nocturne for the Fireflies Canada
Nocturno Canada
Noise Japan
Obits USA
The Oblivion & The Blind Canada
Off Beat Canada
Off Road Event #1 Canada
Officer Tuba Meets the Happy Ghost Canada
The Official Guide to Watching A Saturday Night Hockey Game (For Intermediates) Canada
Ombres De Sole (Shades of Silk) Canada/France
Ooooo Canada Canada
Oops! Vietnam
Open Gym Canada
Ornithology Canada
Out for Bubble Tea Canada
Overwriting & Overvoicing Canada
Oxidize Pakistan
Paper Wings Canada
Paper World Canada
Paper, Scissors, Rock Canada
Paruresis Canada
Peking Turkey Canada
Permute Canada
The Photographer's Diary Canada
Plants Out Of The Sunlight Canada
The Playground Canada
Pleasure Dome Canada
Point of Departure Canada
Pool Canada
Portraits on a Blustery Day Canada
Postcard to an Unknown Soldier Canada
Potolitam Canada
Prime Cuts Canada
Puri Canada
Rage of Silence Canada
Ramen Party! Canada
Ravine Canada
Reality Illusion Canada
The Red Ribbon Canada
Reincarnation Canada
Reminiscent Canada
Reverent Allegience Pakistan
The Revisited Journey Canada
The Road Leading To You Canada
Roots Canada
Rope Tricks Canada
Round Trip Canada
Running in a Maze Canada
Sadame Gawa I Without Destiny Canada
Sally Canada
Salton Sea Canada
Salty Wet Malaysia
Satellite Telefizyoon Lebanon
Say No Go Canada
Schwanzfilm Canada
Scorched Canada
Searching for Wonder Canada
Secrets Canada
Self Portrait (Smile) Vietnam
Set Fires Canada
Shan Xia Di: Under the Mountain Canada
She Was Cuba Canada
Shirley/Fayrouz Lebanon
Sketchi Canada
Small Pleasure Canada
Smash: Reflecting Sex Canada
Snake's Shadow Canada
So Are You Canada
Souriya Namaha Canada
Souvenirs from Asia Canada
Spring Canada
Star Canada
Stationary Canada
Stills Canada
Strawberry Fields USA
Study Sketch Canada
Sugar Bowl Canada
Sunsets USA
Sweater People Canada
Swim With Me Canada
Teddy Bear Canada
Temple of My Familiar Canada
Temple of My Family Canada
Thin Walls Canada
Things I Can't Tell You Canada
Tilted Canada
Totte Mitsu, Let's Go To Russia Canada
Travels with My Brother Canada
Trying To Be Some Kind of Hero Canada
Tubig For A Small Wrold Canada
Twelve Canada
Unlocked Canada
Unplugged: Sally, Chelsea Hotel Room 207, And Perfect Day Canada
Upside Down - Downside Up Canada
Usagi Canada
Vision From the Edge: Breyten Breytenbach Painting the Lines Canada/South Africa
Waltz Canada
Welcome Back Canada
What Remains Canada
What You Eat Canada
When I Grow Up Canada
Will Curiosity Kill The Cat Canada
Year of the GIF Canada
Ying China
Yoga Practice Canada
Yokai & Other Spirits Canada
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Video Art

Video Art Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Automattopoeia Zimbabwe
Bending Over Backwards Canada
City Centre Canada
Confused: Sexual Views Canada
Enter the Dragon 1973-2008 Canada
Exit Upon Arrival Canada
The Fallen Canada
Family Canada
Grand Design Canada
Handstand Canada
Hanging Canada
Hell Money Canada
Invocation Singapore
Remotely In Touch Zimbabwe
Shadow Puppet China
Storm Canada
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Video Document

Video Document Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Citizen Kenney: A Love Letter in 3 Parts Pakistan
Leone Drive Project, The Iran
Queen of Canada Pakistan
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Western Alphabetical
Film Title Origin of
Slow Burn (see also Comedy) USA
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