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Welcome Message from Mr. Justin Poy
Honorary Patron of Asian Heritage Month Festival (CFACI) and
Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage

Mr. Justin Poy

Welcome to the Asian Heritage Month Festival! It wasn't long ago that many Canadians didn't know much about Asian cultures or even the geography of the various parts of Asia. Today, most people still don't know how diverse Asian cultures are, yet how uniquely linked they are through history, religion, trade and cultural nuances. In 2014, during Asian Heritage Month we taught many Canadians about the historical significance of the Silk Road, which was the original link between east and west and somewhat of a metaphor of what is happening in trade between Asia and Canada today.

Asian Heritage Month is a time for Asians to embrace their culture while learning about their neighbours. As a Canadian celebration, it is also about opening up the world of Asia to ALL Canadians. From dance and music to culinary adventures and education roundtables, I encourage all Canadians to take full advantage of the many events happening throughout the month of May. A great starting point is our Asian Heritage Month Festival Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage at There you will find a wealth of information, interesting photos and wonderful stories.

And remember, Asian Heritage Month is meant to spark your continued interest all year long. I look forward to celebrating with all of you.

Warm regards,

Justin Poy

Honorary Patron
Asian Heritage Month Festival (CFACI) and
Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage

Presented by Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture (Central Ontario) Inc.

Donna Quan, TDSB Director of Education

Angela Gauthier, TCDSB Director of Education

Panel Discussion
  • Asian Heritage Month Art and Photo Exhibitions at City Hall and Metro Hall 2014

  • Art and Photo Exhibition at City Hall Rotunda

    Art and Photo Exhibitions at City Hall Rotunda

    Photographers at City Hall
    Photo from Tam Kam Chiu

    Metro Hall Rotunda
    Curator of the Photo Exhibition, Tam Kam Chiu (right), and Curator of the Art Exhibition, Dr. Lien Chao (middle), at the Metro Hall Exhibition
    Photo by CCPST member

    Artists at City Hall Rotunda

  • Asian Heritage Month Film Festival

  • Bobby Del Rio introducing the Shorts Program
    short films

    Film Panel after the shorts program

    Film Panel on "Women in Film"

    Videos of the Panel Discussion on "Women in Film" Click here
    film panel 2

    Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014
    Time: 2pm-4pm
    Venue: Metro Hall Rotunda
    Media Coverage from

    English translation of media coverage
    Asian Canadian Visual Artists Workshop/Demo: There will be an experimental installation/performance. The visual artists want to free the 2-D piece of art from fixed wall space and put it into activities. The activities are improvisation created by the individual painters, such as dance movements, Taichi, singing, or some non-descriptive movements. They will invite some audience to participate in the 3-D creative action as well. The purpose of this experiment is to challenge and expand the boundaries of paintings with actions and movements.

    Photographers Workshop and Demo: There will be an open discussion on photography with Asian Canadian photographers on various topics, such as the cultural history behind the photos. There will be in-depth discussions regarding the photos in the exhibition, including the choice of subject, what motivated them to take the photos, and the cultural meaning they would like to bring out.

  • "The Silk Road Connecting the East and the West" | Asian Heritage Month Gala Performance of Asian Canadian Artists 2014 at Bata Shoe Museum

  • Videos of the Gala Performance Click here
    Media Coverage from The Origami
    Media Coverage from
    English translation of media coverage

    Opening Address by Mrs. Sonja Bata, Founding Chairman, Bata Shoe Museum Mrs Sonja Bata
    Photo taken by CCPST Member

    Opening Address by Mr. Justin Poy, Honourary Patron, Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture (Central Ontario) Inc.
    Mr Justin Poy
    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    Here are some beautiful images taken by award-winning photographer Mr. Tam Kam Chiu

    Dr. Neville Poy and The Honourable Dr. Vivienne Poy presenting on "A Glimpse of China's Silk Route"Dr Neville Poy

    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    The Honourable Dr Vivinne Poy
    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    Professor Ka Nin Chan's presenting on "Music From the Silk Road with Demonstrations"Professor Ka Nin Chan

    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    Music from Byzantine Chant to Mongolian Folk Song Performances related to the Silk Road
    Alice Ho, Piano
    Erica Iris, Mezzo Soprano
    Erica Iris

    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    Silk Road
    Photo taken by organizer

    “The Butterfly and Red Pear Blossoms”
    Cantonese Opera by Chi Ping Lau & Lisa Lee; with dancers of Chinese Collective Arts Association
    Lisa Lee

    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    Chi Ping
    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    "Festival in Tian Mountain"
    Classical Chinese Music by Dunhuang Chamber Ensemble Yangqin: Anna Guo and Gu Zheng: Ting Hong
    Anna Guo

    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    Anna Guo and Ting Hong
    Photo taken by organizers

    "Festival of Colors called Holi" and the "Season Spring": classical ragas, light classical and Indian folk music
    Gauri Guha (vocal) and Harpal Singh Kalla (Tabla)
    Gauri Guha

    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    "Buddha with a Thousand Hands"
    Chinese Collective Arts Association
    Budda with a Thousand Hands

    Photo taken by Tam Kam Chiu

    Persian Music Performance: "A Dance in a Persian Garden"
    Mehdi Rezania
    Mehdi Rezania
    Photo taken by organizers.

    We would like to thank the The Bata Shoe Museum, the great presenters, the stellar performances, and above all, the enthusiastic audience.
    Photo taken by organizers.
  • China Homeland Festival at Toronto Public Library | IRON ROAD the Opera, Film and History
  • Panel Discussion on IRON ROAD | History, Opera and Film

    Videos of the Panel Discussion on "IRON ROAD | History, Opera and Film" Click here

    From Left: Jan Wong holding the last spike; Alice Ho; Chan Ka Nin; Justin Poy; Anne Tait; Doug Hum

    Iron Road
    Photo taken by organizers.

    One of the last spikes brought by Jan Wong, a descendant of Chinese Railroad WorkersIron Road
    Photo taken by organizers.
    Iron Road
    Photo taken by organizers.

    Erica Iris singing an aria from Professor Chan Ka Nin's opera IRON ROAD, accompanied by pianist Alice HoAria
    Photo taken by organizers.

    Links to other events
    These events are not part of the Asian Heritage Month Festival 2014 presented by CFACI.

    Millions presented by ReelWorld Film Festival

    Solo Duet presented by Princess Productions May 6-10, 2014 Theatre Centre


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    Presented by Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture (Central Ontario) Inc.


    The Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage
    (VMACCH) strives:

    1. To provide opportunities for Asian Canadians to share their heritage and to promote a better understanding of Asian heritage by focusing annually on the month of May, designated as Asian Heritage Month.
    2. To enrich Canadian culture by building on the achievement of Asian Canadians
    3. To achieve full participation by Asian Canadians in the cultural life of Canada
    4. To build cultural bridges between Asian countries and regions.
    5. To encourage education of Asian heritage and culture within the broader public
    6. To establish a relationship and to co-operate with other persons, parties or Corporations with similar or parallel purposes.

    In showcasing Asian Canadian heritage, VMACCH enables Asian Canadians to share their heritage among themselves and with the rest of Canada. It exhibits the achievements and contributions of Asian Canadians to Canada. Featuring works by Asian Canadian artists, it encourages participation in the cultural life of Canada. The website is meant to connect Asian culture to other cultures, and show that it is part of the overarching Canadian culture. It is also a valuable teaching resource on Asian heritage and culture to schools, and the preparation of the website involves collaborations with various parties including other voluntary organizations like Social Service Network, and the Chinese Canadian Photographic Society of Toronto, and mainstream museums such as the Gardiner Museum and the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.


    Senator Vivienne Poy

    Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage, an online forum for showcasing the many aspects of Asian Canadian culture and heritage. Through a great variety of artistic and cultural expressions, the virtual museum provides visitors with a glimpse into a new world which highlights the experience of a growing demographic. The Virtual Museum brings together many different ethnic groups from various regions of Canada while recognizing the voices of multiple generations of Canadians. It also offers our Asian Canadian communities a chance to engage in an ongoing dialogue. Finally, the VMACCH fills a vacuum within the education system by allowing students across the country to readily access research materials about our Asian Canadian communities. Please enjoy exploring the Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage!
    Date: 2009

    The Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage was made possible with the support of the
    Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canadian Culture Online Strategy
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